Acoustic and Vibration Spectrum Analyzer solutions

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SpectraPLUS-RT 高品質なスペクトラム・アナライザーを必要とするエントリーユーザーのために設計 されたモデルです。
Provides real time spectral analysis with Narrowband, 1/1 or 1/3 Octave resolution.  Signal generation and recording/playback are also available.

SpectraPLUS-SC 多機能汎用モデルです。
Powerful dual channel signal analyzer with real time, recording/playback and post processing.
  Features a comprehensive set of displays for spectrum, time series and phase measurements as well as advanced joint time and frequency analysis (spectrogram and 3-D surface plots). A wide selection of tools and utilities for signal generation, distortion and reverberation measurements are available plus the ability to automate the analyzer for production testing or other needs.  Triggering, Transfer functions and much more!

SpectraDAQ-200 カスタムデザインの高精度データ収集サウンドカードで、テストおよび測定アプリケーション用に開発された製品です。
Standard BNC connectors widely used in test environments. Exceptional dynamic range and extremely low distortion. 

SpectraPLUS-DT Data TranslationシリーズのUSBデータ収集モジュールに特化した最大16ch対応モデルです。

Up to 16 channels of acquisition and analysis with calibrated input levels, IEPE transducer power, AC or DC coupling and tachometer inputs.  Data Translation offers a complete line of modules from low cost to high speed and high performance.  Click here for more information on the Data Translation hardware.

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Typical Applications

Key Features  

  • Real-time spectrum analysis of live input
  • Record, Playback and Post Process WAV files
  • Displays: Time Series, Spectrum, Spectrogram, 3-D Surface, Phase
  • Full Featured Dual Channel Signal Generator
  • High Resolution FFT Analysis up to 1,048,576 pts
  • Octave Analysis from 1/1 to 1/96 octave
  • Up to 24 bit sampling precision
  • Digital Filtering, Distortion Analysis, Transfer Functions
  • Acoustic Tools: RT60, Equivalent Noise Level (Leq)
  • THD+N versus Frequency
  • Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement
  • Order Analysis
  • Data Logging
  • Advanced Programming API

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